It's Your Fault if you miss 
"No Fault:The Big 'D' in the Big Apple"
by skiptomylou on 5-Dec-2011


The story, written by Christie Perfetti and directed by Stefan Lysenko takes the audience on a high-powered, non-stop trip filled with an excellent ensemble of actors who more than support the work of the lead actress, Stefany Northcutt.

The story begins with the Woman, played by Northcutt, going thru her box of memories of marriage gone awry. Being the bad Catholic slash Jew that she is, she spends her time between the diner, where she is oogled and fawned over by a very creepy waiter, a role well-played by Borna Shokat Moghaddam. She also vacillates between her own apartment, a confessional and of course....THERAPY.

No divorce story would be complete without acknowledging the role the parents play in a break-up of this nature as well as the best friend. The parents, played by Jack Seal and Jinny Wilcott, were perfectly cast in these roles. They both showed a realness and a tenderness that could only come from real parents. The father even reminded me of my own. Additionally, the best friend, played by Barika A.Croom, is truly moving in this role. There is such great chemistry and love between the two on stage and I'd love to have a best friend like her.

In therapy, Northcutt, learns how to become whole again from the guidance of a crossword playing therapist played by Liana Johnston. The ladies, aptly named Lady 1 - Lady 4, played by Carlyn Blount, Barika A. Croom, Jinny Wilcott and Ramona Young are all amazing talents. From the pacing and tone to the comedic timing, these women are sure to have you crying

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Priest/Boss, played by Vince Palmieri. He is a scene stealer. His upbeat and rousing performance as the boss and then character switch to the gentle, sincere Priest is remarkable. 

I loved watching him as he explained to Northcutt about there being "such beauty in imperfection." Words to think on.

Stefany Northcutt is simply outstanding in this role. Rather than giving a one-note and whiney performance as you would expect from a piece of this nature, she breaks out of the box to take the audience on highs and lows. The audience feels her pain, her joy, her confusion and her spirit. She is a very talented young lady and heads up a great cast.

The piece, which was beautifully directed by Stefan Lysenko, is a must see. He has put together a stellar cast and kudus to him. He has also cleverly weaved in colors and symbolic gestures into the piece that really keep the audience on their toes.  When you go see No Fault, try to find all of the cultural symbols used in the piece, it's fun! The lighting and music were also well done and truly added to the piece ensuring the audience was further engaged in the show.

This play will inspire you to never give up hope, no matter how bleak things may seem. No Fault: The Big 'D' in the Big Apple is simply a must see!  It is playing at the Asylum Lab Theater on Thursdays & Fridays @ 8pm and Sunday nights @ 7pm now thru Dec.18, 2011. 

1078 Lillian Way
Los Angeles, CA 90038

RSVP: (323) 960-7612

Online Tickets:
Plays411.com and discount tickets are on Brownpapertickets.com and Goldstar!

Or for more info check out the No-Fault Website - http://no-fault.weebly.com/news.html


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